Richard Rathe, MD

Associate Professor of Family Medicine (ret.) and Medical Informatician

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An Alternative Symptom Score to Replace the Overused 10 Point Pain Scale

Posted: Jun 22nd, 2019 •• Category: HPI, Medicine

If you take a 3pt functional symptom scale and couple it with a 3pt frequency scale you have a 3×3 grid that might work better than a one dimensional 10pt scale.

ShortNote – Clinical Shorthand 1.0

Posted: Aug 17th, 2017 •• Category: EMR, HPI, Patient Care

I have worked with home-grown and commercial Electronic Medical Records for over thirty years. The use of “dot commands” (a period followed by a trigger phrase) is about as old as personal computing. (I first encountered dot commands in the WordStar word processing program during the 1980s!) These commands generally fall into three categories: a) links to retrieve […]

QuickHPI v1.2 – Fully Functional Client-Side Web App

Posted: Jan 30th, 2015 •• Category: EMR, HPI, Teaching

This is the first release of quickHPI for general use by students, residents and clinicians. It is based on version 1.1 with persistent client-side data storage added. Once installed, it can be used offline when network connectivity is unavailable or undesired. The purpose of quickHPI is threefold: 1) Provide a practical tool for clinicians; 2) […]