Richard Rathe, MD

Associate Professor of Family Medicine (ret.) and Medical Informatician

QuickHPI v1.2 – Fully Functional Client-Side Web App

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This is the first release of quickHPI for general use by students, residents and clinicians. It is based on version 1.1 with persistent client-side data storage added. Once installed, it can be used offline when network connectivity is unavailable or undesired.

The purpose of quickHPI is threefold: 1) Provide a practical tool for clinicians; 2) Create a functional expression of the ideas presented here; and 3) Offer a self-directed learning tool for students and residents.


QuickHPI is both a tutorial and a practical tool for recording the History of Present Illness. As such it has wide applicability in medical education and patient care. The program instantiates my research into best practices for outpatient documentation aka The Rational History of Present Illness.


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